Sirloin tip roast recipe

Sirloin tip roast recipe


  • one beef sirloin tip roast (three pounds)
  • 1-one/4 cups water, div > View Recipe


  • Area a huge piece of heavy-duty foil (21×17-in.) in a shallow roasting pan. Spot roast on foil. Pour 1 cup water and mushrooms more than roast. Sprinkle with soup mix. Wrap foil around roast seal tightly.
  • Bake at 350° for 2-one/two to 3 hours or till meat reaches desired doneness (for medium-uncommon, a thermometer ought to read 135° medium, 140° medium-nicely, 145°).
  • Take away roast to a serving platter and preserve warm. Pour drippings and mushrooms into a saucepan. Combine cornstarch and remaining water until finally smooth gradually stir into drippings. Bring to a boil cook and stir for 2 minutes or until thickened. Serve with sliced beef.

This roast with wonderful gravy is a fantastic Sunday meal. Can bake will you are at church or an activity and goes effectively with mashed garlic potatoes.

This was so good. The two items I did different was. I used fresh mushrooms little one portabella and cooked it for only 1hr 45 min came out excellent for the entire household. My husband likes well carried out and the rest rare. I also used Lipton onion soup combine with mushrooms not as salty. Will make again.

Meat of any type is completed when it reaches temperature. Usually use a probe thermometer that can go in the oven. and that you can set. they are nicely really worth the cost. Ovens fluctuate, so time is not actually pertinent.

Meat came out like mush and I couldn’t even minimize it. Created a much better pulled beef sandwich than a roast.

Cook for no a lot more than 2 hrs. Wonderful flavor!

Should be cooked only one hour only. geeze if I cooked it like it says it would be a waste.

I employed a two 1/four pound roast and cooked it for about 2 1/2 hours. It was a little dry (some of the fats and water leaked out of the foil), but even now tasted very very good.

I just experimented with this for the very first time, and I am not an knowledgeable cook. It turned out pretty great, but I feel I would like it with beef broth as an individual recommended. Some garlic may add some taste too.

Do you have ANY thought what happens to a three pound sirloin tip roast when you cook it for 2 1/2 hrs?! Let alone 3. That factor is so overdone it becomes the consistency of shoe leather. I am creating this review to make confident Nobody follows the cooking time for this. It must be cooked for 1 HOUR.

I fixed this tonight for supper I considered it was so great. I will correct this yet again and would suggest this recipe to all of my family loved!